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Our Tools

CAD Proficiency

CAD is our main tool, it allows our work take shape. As proficient CAD users, the 3D mouse is an extension of our hands.
We are always exploring the best ways to take advantages of all the functionalities CAD offers.

Human Machine Interface

Knowing how to deal with the human factor is crucial in environments where it seems that is only about the machine.
We take it into consideration early in our projects in order to ensure the best possible user experience.

Applied Technologies

It’s not only about making a good schematic or placing items in a CAD system.
It’s knowing what proven technology works best for each application, and how to use it.

Workshop Experience

We know a project doesn’t end with the release of the drawings. New issues, which were not that visible during design phase, may arise at the workshop.
We accumulate hundreds of hours receiving useful feedback from being where the design comes into life.

Best Practices & Digital Quality

Just as important as the result of the project is the process by which it takes shape, how it is done.
We consider vital to follow the most refined procedures in order to achieve the best degree of quality in our work.


We love the way PLM & ERP keep project information organized, accessible and easy to edit, review and replicate.
That’s way we like to keep up with best proven workflows PLM & ERP offer.


Decnika is a young company formed by design engineers with long years of experience in the railway industry.

We offer our services and our expertise to clients in the railway sector as well as industries such as naval, wind power or automotive.

We have lived through all phases of a project, from concept design, to development, choice of manufacturing technologies, production of first series, final client approval and supervision of homologating body. During that time we have developed top quality practices in mechanical design, in CAD, and gained vast knowledge in areas such as human machine interface design, integration of electrical or pneumatic systems and thermohydraulics.

Our Philosophy

In Decnika we believe in doing engineering from a sense of craftsmanship.

We believe the role of expertise, knowledge and collaboration are crucial in order to achieve successful results in a world where technologies enable companies to take on ambitious yet complex engineering projects.

Check out the strengths we want to benefit you with in the image to the right.

Some of Our Clients


  • Design and development of a system in rail project
  • Full structural validation report using Finite Element Analysis

  • Collaboration in structural analysis project


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