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In Decnika we design, engineer, develop tailored solutions for your locomotive, train or tram to the highest standards


Cab design

Visibility, cab climate control, size of driver’s desk, we can undertake the integration of the different systems in the cab


Driver’s desk

We have the knowledge and experience to succesfully develop your next driver’s desk.

We have experience in fully developing desks following these regulations:

– UIC 612-0 OR and UIC 651

– DIN 5566

– GM/RT2161

– US DOT Human Factors Guidelines for Locomotive Cabs



We can develop the interior panelling of your passenger’s area, or the walls in the driver’s cab.

We have experience in designing railway interiors following fire and smoke regulations such as:

– DIN 5510

– NF F 16-101/102

– EN 45545


Cooling systems

We can calculate, dimension, design and integrate different types of cooling systems. We can provide thus complete solutions in components such as radiators, pumps, fans or blowers


Electrical cabinets

We have experience in high voltage and control cabinets, with climate control and design for EMC


Pneumatic systems integration

We can integrate systems such as:

  • Air production
  • Braking equipment
  • Sanding
  • Wheel flange lubrication


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